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Shop Early at the Pre Spree
Thursday, September 16, 6:00 PM

exclusive Pre-Spree Champagne Hour

Get first pick at the VIP Pre-Spree Early Shopping Champagne Hour.  There are a limited number of Pre-Spree tickets available @ $250 per person.  You get early admittance to the Art Spree and the first opportunity to purchase the works of your choice while quaffing champagne. Choose from 220 works of art, all priced at $500 or less.  First come, first buy!  Then enjoy the rest of the evening including the Red Dot Lounge.

To Purchase $80 Regular Tickets 7-10pm Red Dot Art Spree click here.

Select Silent Auction Highlights:

One Week at an Italian Hideaway in Stunning Casperia, Italy
Savor the best of bella Italia at Il Sogno in the unspoiled, hilltop village of Casperia, less than an hour from Rome. Il Sogno is a meticulously restored and beautifully furnished two-bedroom apartment with rooftop views of Casperia to the Sabina mountains. Enjoy modern amenities in the middle of medieval serenity. Ideal for 2 couples, accommodations for up to 6. Il Sogno embodies the perfect Italian hide-away: luxury and practicality, ambiance and comfort, history and convenience. Value: $1250

Drinks with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Larry Wright.
Bring a friend and enjoy drinks and fascinating conversation with the hugely talented, Larry Wright. A staff writer for the New Yorker, Wright is the author of The Looming Tower, his Pulitzer Prize winning book about Osama Bin Laden. A film of his one-man play, My Trip To Al –Quaeda premiered recently on HBO. Value: Priceless

High Tea with the Boudoir Queen: Tea for Two
Enjoy a spot with hot shot Austin fashion designer, Dawn Younger, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Younger has designed for the Veronicas, the Donnas, Imogen Heap and Patty Griffin. Her collection was the highlight of Austin Fashion Week. She is also known for modeling for Steven Arnold, who in the summer of 1976 helped Salvador Dalí with the creation and opening of Teatro Museo. Value: Priceless

Class Act: Cooking with Ann Clark
Line up your foodie friends for a private cooking class/dinner in the home of the esteemed kitchen designer, cookbook author and former cooking school proprietor. Ann was at the vanguard of Austin's food scene long before "foodie" was coined. This is a rare chance to cook with the master... and then eat what you cook. Signed copy of Quick Cuisine for each guest. Class for up to 6. Value: Priceless

Sunday Supper with Sarah Bird
Indulge in a Sunday supper of tasty chow and snappy conversation with Austin's star of witty lit. Sarah Bird talks as bracingly as she writes. Now finishing a Dobie Paesano fellowship, she is due to debut her latest novel, The Gap Year, in June 2011. You'll leave the evening with stories of your own. Supper for up to 6, hosted at the AIA-award-winning home of Sherry Smith & Bill Allison. Value: Priceless

Here Comes Your Band: The Pixies
4 VIP tickets to see the Pixies from Direct Events on September 22nd. Frequently posited as the immediate forbearers of the alternative rock boom of the 1990s, The Pixies will be performing their hallmark album Doolittle in its entirety at the Austin Music Hall. Hey, you can say you not only saw them 'when,' but in VIP-style. Value: $1000

Donating Artists
Michael Abelman, Leon Alesi, Stella Alesi, Sterling Allen, Jill Alo, Andrew Anderson, Ben Appl, Jason Archer, Connie Arismendi, Kathleen Ash, Allison Aydelotte, Ethan Azarian, Lisa Beaman, Paul Beck, Jill Bedgood, Nan Blake, Sue Blevins, Ave Bonar, Kaci Lee Borowski, Elaine Bradford, Candace Briceño, Pat Brown, Tim Brown, Deja Lynn Browning, Debra Broz, Laura Calfee, Sandy Carson, Ann Chamberlin, Polly Chandler, Jose Chapa, Isabelle Chapman, Daniel Charez, Susan Cheal, Jennifer Chenoweth, John Christensen, Sunyong Chung, Lisa Kearsley Cowling, Amy Crider, Kate Csillagi, Olivia Cuenca, Erin Curtis, Ebbeson Davis, Gail Dawson, Jeffrey Dell, Leah DeVun, Noah Dillon, Anna Donlan, Ray Donley, Diana Dopson, Cloyd Dowlin, Tom Druecker, Catherine Dudley, Suzanne Dulany, Angela Earley, Celia Eberle, Russell Etchen, David Everett, Shepard Fairey, Kelly Fearing, Phyllis Finley, Virginia Fleck, Carol Flueckiger, Heyd Fontenot, Valerie Fowler, Angela Fox, Alyson Fox, Nine Francois, Laurie Frick, Matthew Fuller, Martha Gannon, Laura Garanzuay, April Garcia, Anthony Garza, Claire Gaston, Sean Gaulager, Faith Gay, Robin Dru Germany, Jean Graham, Lauren Grant, Jasmyne Graybill, Nathan Green, Martha Grenon, Chia Guillory, Marian Haigh, Jan Heaton, David Hefner, Margaret Henkels, Ryan Hennessee, Hector Hernandez, Maggy Hiltner, Nancy Higgins, Kathleen Holder, Chris Holloway, Randy Howard, Michael Ryan Howell, Aralyn Hughes, William Hundley, Liz Hunt, Allison Hunter, Roi James, Heather Jarry, Laura Jennings, Heather Johnson, Marilyn Jolly, Jessica Jones, Jules Buck Jones, Mel Kadel, Lynda Young Kaffie, Rachel Kalisky, Germaine Keller, Tim Kerr, Billy Kirkland, Will Klemm, Amy Kligman, Knitta Please, Rachel Koper, Anna Krachey, Amy Kwalwasser, Labrona, Marilyn Lanfear, Sandra Langston, Matt Lankes, Alicia Lasby, Ryan Lauderdale, Jon Lawrence, David Leonard, Lauren Levy, Suzanne Lewis, Shea Little, Beili Liu, Andrew Long, Michael Long, Dave Lowell, Karen Mahaffy, Christa Mares, Joey Marez, Jacqueline May, Caitlin McCollom, Zach McDonald, Dennis McNett, Margaret Meehan, Sybil Miller, Delilah Montoya, Christian Moore, Jung Hee Mun, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Kia Neill, Pamela Nelson, Teruko Nimura, Nate Nordstorm, Luisa Renee Nunez, Betsy Odom, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Irene Olivieri, Mari Omori, Harmony Padgett, Jason Paradis, Mike Parsons, Chrissy Paszalek, Beverly Penn, Hope Perkins, Greg Pettit, Joseph Phillips, Rino Pizzi, Knitta Please, Deborah Poisot, Arleen Polite, Gladys Poorte, Carolyn Porter, Denise Prince, Damian Priour, Margaret Ratelle, Susan Kemner Reed, Claudia Reese, Andy Rihn, Sean Ripple,  Matthew Rodriguez, Carlos Rosales-Silva, William Rosshirt, John Sager, Nancy Wilson Scanlan, Michael Schliefke, Amanda Schoppel, Cody Seigmund, Ian Shults, Michael Sieben, Carol Sikes, Annie Simpson, Margaret Simpson, Rory Skagen, Charlotte Smith, Don Snell, Xochi Solis, Andy St. Martin, Sarah Stevens, Tracie Storie, Debra Sugerman, Supher, Dan Sutherland, Jana Swec, Neesha Thakkar, Eliza Thomas, Jill Thrasher, Roman Traycey, Ellen Tuchman, Laura Turner, Marilyn Avery Turner, Jason Urban, Kathy Van Torne, Chris Vestre, Bob Wade, Phillip Wade, Marilyn Waligore, Jade Walker, Tina Weitz, Jamie Wentz, Matt Wester, Wendy Davenport Whatley, Jeffrey Wheeler, Louis Wheeler, Elizabeth White, Susan Whyne, Clint Wilson, Liliana Wilson, Steve Wiman, Amanda Wingfield, Shelley Wood, Caroline Wright, Fumika Yamamoto, Sydney Yeager, Virginia Yount and Celina Zisman.

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gallery view, Red Dot

gallery view, Red Dot