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Gallery Tours and Workshops

The students pictured are part of AISD's Go Start program. Students with special needs enjoy custom designed art lesson plans as do AP Art Seniors.

Women and Their Work gave our students a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be bused to the gallery, work with the actual artist and also create their own artwork alongside the artist. This would have never happened without the support of W&TW. The gallery’s education outreach has made a powerful impact. --- Del Valle High School Art Teachers: Abigale Mosbarger, Javier Barbosa, Jenny Parry

During each exhibition, Women & Their Work invites students from Austin and area schools to the gallery for a tour and art-making activity. Students are led through the exhibitions and conduct discussions about themes in the work on display. When possible, the exhibiting artists themselves lead the tours, illuminating their artistic processes for students and encouraging students to explore their own ideas about the work.

After the gallery tour, students experiment with materials and techniques similar to those used by the exhibiting artist, allowing them to better understand the art-making process.

Tours are free to all students and teachers, and W&TW also pays for transportation and for a half day substitute teacher, if needed.

What more teachers are saying:

Students were able to ask questions directly to the artist about her work. Rarely do children have the opportunity to directly discuss and question art with the people who make it, and W&TW gallery makes this opportunity more possible for all who enter.… This is such an incredibly rich opportunity for students to view, question, and experience and then personalize these new ideas through the artistic process. --- James Abbott, art teacher, K-5, J Houston Elementary School.

The “art field trip” will definitely be a memory that will serve to guide my students as they grow up to appreciate art and perhaps even fuel their dreams to be artists. --- Isa Boonto-Zarifis, Art Teacher, Sidney Lanier High School.