Teacher Workshops

We consider the education of teachers to be paramount to art education and offer several ways for teachers to expand their knowledge of art.

For select exhibitions, Women & Their Work hosts workshops for teachers in which they work directly with the exhibiting artist.  This enriching program allows direct access to the contemporary artists and their work, allowing an ongoing development of dialog between the educators and what they are teaching. Artists discuss their past and present work and related concepts to help teachers infuse their lesson plans with new ideas.


Learning Through the Arts

Developed by Women and Their Work, the Learning Through the Arts (LTA) program was in residence at Presidential Meadows Elementary in Manor, Texas, and supported by Applied Materials. W&TW teaching artists assist K-5 teachers to integrate visual and performing arts strategies into the teaching of core curriculum through regular classroom visits and after-school workshops, and develop engaging arts-based lessons in math, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Over 90 of our LTA lesson plans are available online, by clicking the lesson plans tab above.

With both students and teachers reporting better classroom engagement through this creative learning system, using the arts to approach core subjects attends to students' multiple intelligences, and has enabled ELL students and students with special needs to participate more fully in classroom activities.

"I was inspired and encouraged to try these lessons on my own. I noticed that when I used a technique or idea from one of the LTA workshops, every student was engaged, laughing and even the shy students participated in discussions."Norma Tinajero, 1st Grade ELL Teacher, Presidential Meadows Elementary, Manor, Texas