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VIP Pre-Spree Red Dot
Shop Early and Enjoy Champagne!
Thursday, September 11, 6:00 PM

Become a Red Dot Event Sponsor here and receive tickets for early shopping at the VIP Pre Spree 6-7pm and you'll be sure to get your favorite Red Dot work of art. Enjoy VIP Pre Spree champagne and signature drinks, delicious bites, and get first pick from over 200 works of art. All work is priced at $600 or less!

Become an Event Sponsor to be recognized as an individual, family, or business. There are a limited number of VIP Pre Spree tickets available @ $250 per person; to purchase Pre Spree tickets, click here. You'll get early admittance to the Art Spree and the first opportunity to purchase the works of your choice. First come, first buy! Enjoy the rest of the evening as Red Dot continues from 7-10pm.

We hope you will consider becoming a Red Dot event sponsor. Your support will help sustain the ground breaking spirit that has helped artists and art thrive for over 36 years. Our education programs also provide opportunities and resources to kids in need. We can imagine how often you are asked to donate to worthy causes. Please know that we greatly appreciate your consideration of our request.

Thank you to all of these inspired Red Dot Event Sponsors!

CORPORATE SPONSOR: H-E-B Tournament of Champions

ART CONNOISSEUR: Katelena Hernandez Cowles & James Cowles, Genevieve Duncan, Karen & Rick Hawkins, Tito's Handmade Vodka

ART AFICIONADOS: Kelley & Gary McClure, OneTouch Ginny’s Printing

ART LOVERS: Arts + Culture Texas, Linda Ball & Forrest Preece, Becky Beaver & John Duncan, Erin B. Curtis & Flint Sparks, Quincy Adams Erickson & Steve Nagle, Fete Accompli, FMP Web, Guns & Oil Brewing Co., Lindsey & Mark Hanna, Janis & Joe Pinnelli, The Renner Project, Snack Bar, Gail & Rodney Susholtz, Emily & Danny Walker, Liz Young & Tommy Vascocu

ART FANS: Gemma Marangoni Ainslie, Paul Barr, Sheila Buechler, Betsy Clements, Les & Winnie Gage, Fern & Jerre Santini, Elisa Sumner, Suzanne & Marc Winkelman

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Thank You Red Dot Event Supporters
Thank You Red Dot Event Supporters

Red Dot Artwork Sneak Peek
Red Dot Artwork Sneak Peek